Internet of Things (IoT) system deployments using the public cloud have helped many companies deploy products quickly and reduced their upfront capital costs. But using the public cloud in isolation is not the favored option for most enterprises needing to manage networks of IoT devices. Instead, a large number of enterprises running IoT management workloads are currently using on-premises data centers or on Private Clouds.

If you are a company looking at deploying IoT devices across your organization, it is worth examining why organizations are now choosing to deploy IoT systems within an on-premise or private cloud environment rather than solely in the public cloud.

  1. Proximity to devices
    In many instances, IoT platforms require an on-premise host, so they remain close to the devices with which they communicate. In locations where an unreliable network connection may interrupt this communication, an IoT platform will need to run locally. In this instance, a private cloud on-premise deployment might be connected with high-level services running on a public cloud.
  2. Geographical regions, Regulations, and Data Protection
    Sometimes IoT solutions deployed in various geographical locations will require different public cloud providers. For instance, an IoT solution deployed in Asia, Europe, and South America might require the use of local cloud providers depending on local data privacy regulations. A multi-cloud strategy facilitates the necessary deployment while ensuring the connectivity of corporate IT infrastructure.
  3. Integration with existing systems
    Most often, companies will need to integrate their IoT platform with existing IT infrastructure. If this infrastructure is already hosted on a public or private cloud, companies may be able to deploy their IoT solution on the same platform. This makes it easier to manage the complete solution, saving valuable time and money.

The public cloud has transformed the way the world works, allowing operational scale and flexibility. However, many companies are now favoring on-premises or hybrid solutions for their IoT deployments. This is usually for reasons including security, regulatory-compliance, and process-control.

FAVORIOT has recently launched the FAVORIOT IoT Platform for Enterprise that can be installed on your premises or private cloud.

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