There are more than 900K SMEs in Malaysia but 76.5% are mainly micro SMEs in size. Only 5.3% are in manufacturing sectors and about 89.2% are services sector. Since Industry 4WRD initiatives are focused on the manufacturing sector, the government has called for industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment participation but only 849 applications are received and only 508 are selected.

This year, 2020, is targeted to conduct Industry 4WRD intervention programs to selected SMEs that has been identified their gaps. It is expected, this IR 4.0 will become a reality and will make our manufacturing sector more competitive.

FAVORIOT (a Malaysian IoT Startup) has now offered an IoT Platform for enterprise version is which very well suited for companies that wanted to either host their data on-premise (nearer to their systems and the ability to store bigger amounts of data). We are expected to IOTised thousands of SMEs within the next 5 years.

You can contact FAVORIOT via email ( for more details.

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