The term Industry 4.0 (Industrie 4.0) was originally introduced in 2011, but Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum used the term Fourth Industrial Revolution in the 2015 article. Whatever it is, it seems that the core technology of IR 4.0 is actually the Internet of Things (IoT) because it builds the foundation of Cyber-Physical and usage of data for technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data Analytica, and many others.

IoT is not becoming mainstream after Kevin Ashton, known as the Father of IoT, coined the term “IoT” in 1999. It took quite a while before several other related technologies made this possible and cheaper. Since 2015, IoT has become the buzz word for many and now the industry is in need of more talented people in building IoT solutions. We need both the supply and demand side to know the benefits of IoT and how it can transform our businesses. Thus, the birth of “Generation-IoT”, the people who believe in IoT and want to see it at work.


From Novice to Expert (Generation-IoT)

Everything starts with a simple beginning of understanding what exactly is the Internet of Things. You need to learn IoT’s four (4) main components – Sensors, Connectivity, Middleware, and Applications.

Later, you will need to understand the “Why.” Why is it essential to embrace IoT in our daily lives or work? What are the applications that use IoT?

And finally, you will step into the main journey of IoT by understanding the “How.” This is where you need to learn hands-on and step-by-step how to build your IoT projects. 

Favoriot offers four modules of IoT training:

  1. IoT for Business Professionals (theoretical and workshop style) – great for building your IoT business
  2. IoT Fundamentals using Favoriot IoT Platform (hands-on) – connect and rapidly display data on a dashboard
  3. Advanced IoT using Favoriot IoT Platform (hands-on) – set up IoT gateway and build your custom-made web dashboard.
  4. IoT Specialist (hands-on) – go deeper into IoT analytics

About Favoriot

Favoriot is an IoT Startup company that began its operations in 2017 with the vision to “IoTise all businesses.” Favoriot offers a user-friendly IoT platform that has been used by more than 6800 developers from 121 countries worldwide. Favoriot also offers IoT training from Fundamental to Specialist to create a new “Generation-IoT” to fill the IR 4.0 talent gaps in the country. As a Malaysian-made technology, the Favoriot platform has now been used by the industry, government, and academia.
The 5 Traits of Generation-IoT Infographics
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