What’s missing during the learning process of understanding and building an IoT solution? A lot of us tend to focus on the development of the sensors and devices including the dashboard to view the data stream. However, many forget that they require another important component to ensure their devices and data are easily managed on a flexible and open platform.

The moment they wanted to include various other sensors which might have different connectivity protocols such as CoAP or MQTT (other than REST), they will start to wonder how best to manage such deployment. The engineers in the industry understand the complexity in real implementation but why some might not have this knowledge when they graduate? 

This is due to the fact that the syllabus in the higher institutions did not focus on such knowledge or didn’t realise the importance of it. The lecturers tend to skip this topic and left the student to explore by themselves the hundreds of IoT platforms in the market – some of which are open and some are very proprietary. By the end of the day, the students will setup their own database and web server without thinking the scalability or practicality. They missed the opportunity to learn one of the most critical component in the whole IoT value-chain.

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