Problem Statement

A University client have several network hubs, where each network hub is placed in a small room in several buildings around its large campus to serve the Internet connectivity to offices, labs and lecture rooms. When the users encountered problems in accessing the Internet, the first thing they would assume is the network is down and the IT support staff should immediately resolve the issue. However, it’s not always the case, it could be due to power disruption due to power trip when lightning occurs or some issues related to the circuit breaker or fuse. And this should be immediately resolve by a different party i.e. the facility maintenance. This problem causes confusion for both parties regarding who should respond first.


The main objective is to reduce the confusion and ensuring efficient way of responding to the problem. If the power is being disrupted, the facility maintenance will be the first one to receive the alert regarding the time and place (room and building). Thus, response time should be almost immediate.


Using a sensor device that can efficiently detect any AC power disruption and send alert to the relevant parties. This device can be easily plug in the same electrical network to detect the presence of AC supply. It will also send a daily health message to indicate the monitoring system is in operational. Besides sending the message when the AC fail, it will send a AC Restored Message when the main supply is restored.

It uses the AC source as the main power and has an internal battery to ensure continuous operations when the AC power is off. It sends the data using UMTS/HSPA and/or GPRS/EDGE to FAVORIOT IoT Platform and the alerts are send via Telegram and email.

Contact for more details about this solution.

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