Why an IoT ecosystem is very important for Malaysia? An ecosystem provide a “habitat” for the different players in the value chain which provide “food” and stimulate growth. A healthy ecosystem should support each other and not “killing” or “suppressing” any part of the value chain because that will stifle the growth of IoT.

A complete IoT ecosystem depend on the players such as chipset, modules, sensor devices, networks (LAN and WAN infrastructure), middleware, system integrator, applications developers and big data analytics. There should be a balance between market supply and demand. It will be supported by the regulatory and policies which helps to enable and stimulate rather than stifle the innovation. Major investors or supporting funds such as from angel and VCs must be encouraged.

Malaysia is not lacking with Blueprints and Strategic Frameworks. With the recent launching of MyDigital Economy Blueprint, it should be able to lay a strong foundation in moving towards Internet of Things or IR 4.0. The time has come for Malaysia to propel into the future.

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