The Internet of Things (IoT) is the modern tech advancement that has the ability to change the traditional way of living into a high tech life style. It shows the capability to narrow the line between fiction and reality. Dr. Mazlan Abbas, a veteran tech expert, considers IoT as an opportunity to enhance the lifestyle of people by providing innovative IoT solutions and services. He is the Founder and CEO of FAVORIOT, a Malaysian IoT Start-up that aims to “IoTise” every business.

Inception Story of FAVORIOT

What interests Dr. Mazlan’s towards the IoT is the technology that enables machines to communicate; as early as in Year 2000. In the early days, during his working stint in a telco, the team made Vending machine kiosks being controlled only via an SMS command. However, the inspiration behind the foundation of FAVORIOT is Dr. Mazlan’s business trip in 2016 to Silicon Valley whilst he visited many big companies. These companies started with only a humble beginning, but they strived to become world leaders in solving many real-world problems. This inspired him to think big and made him believe that anything is possible if there is focus and passion about it.

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Digital Magazine – CIO News June 2021 Issue

Web Link Issue – CIO News June 2021 Issue

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