People asked me, how do I feel when I take that entrepreneurship journey especially at the age of more than 50 years old where we should slow down and “enjoy life” and “fruits of our labour”.

I answered, “It’s like a Love Hate relationship. Love the freedom of doing things but hate the hardships that you have to go through again. And furthermore, the hardships are not only the work but anxiety and headache managing the business everyday”. But again, ther’s no such thing as “free lunch” nowadays. We have to be really prepared financially and mentally when taking this roller-coaster ride.

But again, I felt something is missing in life, if all the experience and knowledge that I have gained through all the years in the academia, industry and government research agency can’t be  used for something meaningful to help others. Rather than retiring and have a very relaxed life watching Netflix among others, I prefer to venture into something more exciting.

Below is the video about my entrepreneurship journey and the lessons learned.

Biography of Dr. Mazlan Abbas

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