Who are the Generation-IoT? Generation-IoT has been defined by  in the article “Generation IoT: The Key to Business Survival in the 21st Century. Below are the traits of the Generation-IoT:

  1. They are pioneers in IoT.
  2. All are willing to learn and take risks and are good at building virtual teams internally and partnering externally.
  3. You can recognize these new winners not by their age or their titles—but by their ability to build and deploy agile, flexible business solutions.
  4. A new generation of leaders, makers, thinkers, and doers is meeting that change with flexibility and optimism and transforming it into opportunity.
  5. These are the people who see the transformational power of IoT-driven processes, business models, and new revenue streams.
  6. They are eager to champion and drive these opportunities in their organizations.
  7. These people know that IoT is not just one project, one training session, one change.
  8. They know that in order to succeed they and their organisations need to adjust and re-learn, over and over again.

But how do we encourage the growth of this new “generation”? We need them as many as possible to help us spur the whole industry. We need more fresh and innovative ideas to transform their own business or their customers. But how do we train them and get them ready to be absorb directly into organisations? 

We can provide them with the necessary tools to start their journey. One of the common layer that glue the “hardware” and the “software” is the IoT middleware or the platform. The Generation-IoT must understand what are the necessary knowledge to build the electronic devices and find the necessary connectivity to the platform. But if they wish to build innovative IoT applications or using the data for the purpose of machine learning, they need to acquire this data from the IoT platform. They have a choice either to build or subscribe to any IoT platform. And currently, there are hundreds of IoT platforms worldwide as shown below.


Check out the video below from Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT, gives some expert advice for the new Generation-IoT, what are the necessary skills and talents needed in this new era of IR 4.0.

The 5 Traits of Generation-IoT Infographics
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