I have decided to make two of my IoT eBooks available for FREE to anyone interested to download.

The first eBook is entitled “Your IoT Journey“. It is a compilation of my best and selected written articles which was published from my IoT World Blog. It’s not written in a very technical manner because the idea is to share the issues, challenges and the tips for anyone who’s interested to take the IoT journey. After several years, the topic about IR 4.0 become a hot one. But it also bring along confusion regarding the different Era of Industrial Revolutions.

The second eBook or rather eNotes entitled simply as “IoT Notes” was originally written to illustrate the complexity of IoT and IR 4.0 in a simpler way. I used GoodNotes application and my iPad Air to draw and add colours to the descriptions. Hopefully, this will become a companion notes to anyone who is learning IoT and IR 4.0.

Hope you enjoy the two eBooks and kindly share with others. Hopefully we can share the knowledge and create the next Generation-IoT.

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