The industry always complained that the talents that graduated from the local universities are not equipped with the latest knowledge. The industry expected the graduates that they hired can immediately start their job without sending them to further workshops or courses. The world is moving fast and thus it’s imperative to start contributing in the early part of the career. The employers are getting impatient as the competition heats up.

That’s why it’s important for the Universities to get feedback from their Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) to advice on the current technology and job trends. The lecturers too need to get involve in industry events to understand what’s the hottest job nowadays.

We know that the change the content of the syllabus or approving new programmes in the University can take months or sometimes 1-2 years. This would require the teaching staff to also equip themselves with the new knowledge. It’s a challenge nowadays to keep with the technological pace but that’s the reality.

Looking at the future technological trends and the business disruptions happening worldwide, the Universities should now anticipate what’s coming and to quickly adapt their current courses or programmes to match with the future jobs. 

Check out the video below by Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT regarding this challenge.

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