IR 4.0 comprised of many technological building blocks. It is made of AI Block, VR/AR Block, Big Data Blocks, Blockchain Block, IoT Block and many others. However, IoT is seen one the most fundamental block for IR 4.0 is because it the source of collecting data either from people (using wearables with sensors) or things (using sensors) or environment (also sensors).

As many has said – “Data is King” or “Data is the New Currency”. However, I do believed, collecting raw data which is purely bits and bytes or the zeroes and ones or even numerical numbers are insufficient unless we can turn that data into something more meaningful that can answer the question of who, what, when or where. That is when the data is transformed into “knowledge”. And if it can answer the question of “how”, then it has been turned into “knowledge” and the best part is when it can answer the question of “why”, which is what we called “understanding”. And people make decision based on the understanding.

But the, how do we collect all the relevant data? Which is why it’s very important for us to begin with the right questions. The who, what, where and when can be gathered via relevant sensors such as RFID, GPS, clock, temperature, humidity, etc.

For some, IoT seems to be a very complex “technology” or rather a combination of several technologies. We need to know how sensors and the electronic devices can capture and send data through some for of connectivity. What are the various networks that can support efficiently the amount of data with an affordable cost. And how or where these data will be aggregated – will it be on a normal server with a simple database or will it be hosted on a cloud? What is the sensors came in different forms and protocols? How do we manage these devices?

And what can we do with all the data that has been collected? How should we displayed them – on simple historical or real-time graphs? Can we do more than just a dashboard and go beyond with some form of machine-learning? And how easily for us to manage the data with the never ending customer requests?

It’s important for us to know the various components in IoT and how it relates with each other so that when you embark on an IoT journey, it will be well-planned design and architecture.

Check out the video below by Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT.

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