There must be a reason why IR 4.0 has the term “Revolution”. It’s because “revolution” comes with a sudden and disruptive change. Otherwise, it can be called “evolution” since this process is slow and gradual change. A revolution normally happens when various factors come together and ready to burst. The same thing technology revolution, a single technology will not make such a big impact. A “ripple” probably the case. However, when we bring many of this “technology ripples” together, it can become bigger ripple or waves. Finally it becomes a tsunami that no one or organisation can stop.

This is exactly what happens with IR 4.0 – the effect of many technologies emerged and fused together. We are seeing technology like IoT become to maturity. It has been supported by the power of computing power and miniaturisation of electronic devices. Furthermore, the network has becoming pervasive – not only in the LAN but also the WAN which includes the newly IoT specific network such as LPWAN.

Other technologies in IR 4.0 also lay a very important role such as Artifical Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. With the increased amount of data from IT systems and IoT sensors, it now make sense to use machine or deep learning algorithm to get better insights of the date. Robotics and drones are now more feasible when they have better sensors, AI and communications capabilities.

We are also seeing Blockchain enter many other applications and no longer seen as the technology for Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. With it’s secured data and smart contract, it has become a killer app in ensuring issuing of Digital Certificates and payment systems to be automated without the need of too many manual tasks in between.

Check out the webinar below by Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT regarding this topic.

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