YOYO is a podcast aiming to act as a professional hub for university students to learn transferable skills and experience in the professional fields. The podcast would like to connect people from all walks of life, professionals, advocates, and students to the listener that is able to build up a community for university students that want to be part of a movement to start learning and up skilling themselves.

YOYO Podcast invited Dr. Mazlan Abbas to be the speaker for the podcast episode “IoT: Moving Beyond To The Digital Future”. The topic hoped to inspire more students in the IoT field and help to provide valuable and mindful sharing, thoughts, views, and tips.

Among the questions are:

  1. The term IoT came up already quite a while ago. From your point of view, what is different from some years ago? And, why shall we talk about IoT nowadays?
  2. How do you venture yourself into IoT?
  3. FAVORIOT focuses on certain verticals that the team has the most experience and also right ecosystem partners i.e. smart cities and smart health, can you explain more about the applications and innovations ?
  4. Do you think this pandemic we face has an influence on the development of IoT?
  5. One of the big challenges is the lack of talent in the IoT industry. How can we tackle this problem in the long run?
  6. How should the skills graduates should possess to prepare for the IR 4.0 since the industry in the future will full with complex problem solving, critical and creative thinking
  7. What is the convergence of Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  8. What kind of IoT trends will drive digital business innovation in now and the future?
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