If you have undergone the IoT Fundamentals Using FAVORIOT IoT Platform training or you have some knowledge of using IoT platforms such as Favoriot, ThinkSpeak, ThingsBoard, Kaa, etc, you need to move to the next level by attending this course.
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You can also check out the three (3) IoT Training by FAVORIOT.

Favoriot Advanced IoT Training
Content - Advanced IoT Training using Favoriot
Detailed contents - Advanced IoT Training using Favoriot

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Practical Node-RED Programming” is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to automate the Internet of Things (IoT) without writing huge blocks of code. The book covers the Node-RED ecosystem, a free and open-source flow-based programming tool for handling IoT data. The guide includes hands-on tutorials, projects, and self-assessment questions to help readers become well-versed in the foundations of Node-RED. The book teaches users how to use Node-RED to build web applications and handle IoT data without writing complex code. Readers will also explore visual programming techniques and create real-world applications. This book is an excellent resource for web developers and IoT engineers with some background in JavaScript and Node.js.

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