It is needless to mention how busy the lives we live. Because of our very busy schedules, we hardly have enough time to be with our loved ones. 

However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about them. Even if we are away from them, we always prefer to know our loved ones’ whereabouts. As long as we know where they are exactly, we can simply be relaxed and focus on our work.

But do we know the whereabouts of our family members and loved ones when there are away? Do we have to call them all the time? That’s not a practically good idea as we think.

So, the most viable solution to address such a situation is seeking the assistance of a family locator app such as Dscover.

It’s a never-ending battle between granting freedom to your loved ones and wanting them to always be in your line of sight. This is why family locator apps are very essential when tracking your loved ones’ whereabouts.

Odds are, if you have teenagers, they could be carrying around a mobile phone with them all the time. Sometimes, you might wish they’d put it down and engage with the world around them more. If your adolescents are too hooked up, why not use this to everyone’s advantage?

All thanks to the newest technology!

Travel with Dscover
* iOS App Store
* Google Play –

Stay connected with your group buddies
• Create groups and invite your family to be a part of the group members
• Share information easily within your groups

Know their whereabouts and yours
• Find out where they are in real time (with their permission)
• Share your location whenever you want only
• View the location history for the day

Stay informed whenever the members enter or exit the places
• Choose anywhere to be created as Places
• Receive notification if your group members enter or exit that place
• Find out who is inside and outside the area

Be safe and have fun
• Request for help with SOS button when in emergency
• Alerts will be sent to all group members with your location included through the app and to their email inbox as well
• Automatically call your emergency contact number if any

Make announcement for everyone to know
• Post an announcement to inform everyone at once
• Attached location or even a photo if you want
• Keep track on how many people has noticed your post

Share travel plans for organized trips
• Upload your travel itineraries and update it anytime if there are changes
• Any changes will be informed to your group members

In order for our app to work properly, we need a few permissions:

Location/Activity – D’scover use your location to be shared on a map which can only be seen by your group members. This allows us to locate you accurately. Worry not, you have the option to disable the Location Sharing permission if you would like to have some “me time”.

Network – This allows us to receive and send the group members’ up-to-date information whenever your device stay connected to the internet .

Contact – D’scover provides you the capability to add the emergency contact number that can be contacted whenever the SOS has been triggered. This permission allows you to import the number from your phone contacts.

Camera/Gallery – This permission allows you to change your profile photo, and include pictures in the announcement and itinerary that you would like to share.

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