Drones have vast applications including aerial mapping, security surveillance, agriculture among others. Currently, many companies are testing Drones for the purpose of carrying parcels. Companies such as Uber, UPS, and Amazon have been trialing these applications for years. Recently, DHL Express Malaysia partners with Aerodyne Group to assess the commercial viability of drone technology and develop business models for its use in life sciences and maritime supply chains. Normally, drones have been trialed to deliver consumer goods, but this partnership is focusing on B2B to improve the transport of healthcare-related supplies in East Malaysia and time-critical essentials to vessels plying the waters of the Malaccan Straits.

However, it does pose several challenges such as:

  1. Battery and charging stations
  2. Beyond the line-of-sight flight path
  3. Safety and security
  4. Payload size

What do you think? Will this possible in the very near future?



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