Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Datuk Seri Dr. Adham Baba, launched five technology roadmaps on August 9, 2022. The roadmaps aim to build Malaysia’s technology ecosystem and reduce reliance on foreign countries.

For many years, Malaysia has been seen to be a consumer of technology. It’s about time for Malaysia to become a producer of technology.

The five roadmaps are (can be downloaded below):

  1. Electricity and Electronics Roadmap: Technology Development 2021-2030
  2. National Blockchain Technology Roadmap 2021-2025
  3. Artificial Intelligence Roadmap 2021-2025
  4. National Advanced Materials Roadmap 2021-2030 (English | Malay)
  5. National Robotics Roadmap 2021-2030

About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is an IOT Evangelist, Thought Leader, and CEO of FAVORIOT.  He is very passionate to build a Generation IoT of the future. And currently, his company, Favoriot, is offering a FREE IoT platform subscription to start your IoT journey in a simple and rapid manner.

About Favoriot

Favoriot is an IoT Startup company that began its operations in 2017 with the vision to “IoTise all businesses.” Favoriot offers a user-friendly IoT platform that has been used by more than 6800 developers from 121 countries worldwide. Favoriot also offers IoT training from Fundamental to Specialist to create a new “Generation-IoT” to fill the IR 4.0 talent gaps in the country. As a Malaysian-made technology, the Favoriot platform has now been used by the industry, government, and academia.
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