Dear IoT enthusiasts,

Are you looking to upskill your knowledge in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology? Have you attended multiple IoT training programs, but haven’t found one that truly resonates with your needs? Look no further than Favoriot IoT training!

Favoriot IoT training is unlike any other IoT training program out there. Our program comprehensively understands the IoT ecosystem, components, devices, and features. We delve into the nitty-gritty of IoT connectivity and communication challenges, available connectivity options, and how to overcome communication barriers.

Our program also offers an in-depth understanding of IoT platform, applications, security, computing, and standardization. We explore the different IoT platform categories, top IoT applications, security challenges, computing types, and IoT standardization to equip you with all the knowledge you need to become an IoT pro.

The Favoriot IoT platform has a unique hierarchy system allowing users to easily manage their IoT devices. Our program teaches you how to manage the hierarchy system, create, edit, and delete hierarchies, and configure device settings like access tokens and location settings.

We also introduce you to Arduino IDE and IoT devices. You will learn how to install and configure Arduino IDE, understand IoT device hardware components, write simple programs for IoT devices, and use Favoriot Platform APIs to simulate and test devices. We will also show you how to interface Hibiscus Sense and other development kits with the Favoriot IoT Platform.

Favoriot Platform also offers a dashboard feature that allows users to create customized dashboards, add widgets, trigger alerts or send messages from dashboard widgets. We’ll teach you how to create your dashboard, understand the usage of various dashboard widgets, and trigger alerts or send messages from widgets.

But that’s not all; our program also covers data transmission using REST API, MQTT, and CoAP. You’ll learn how to use preconfigured source code for devices, create projects, applications, groups, and devices, view data, export (download) data, and analyze data. We’ll even show you how to send data to third-party systems and set up a Telegram bot to receive alerts.

At Favoriot IoT training, we provide a comprehensive and practical approach to IoT training that will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become an IoT expert. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to upskill your IoT knowledge. Join us today!

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Favoriot IoT Training Team.

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