On Monday, 6th March 2023, Wireless Logic announced the acquisition of Singapore-headquartered Blue Wireless, a global service provider for managed wireless solutions. Here’re 11 things you need to know about the acquisition:


  1. UK-based Internet of Things (IoT) firm Wireless Logic has acquired Singapore-based Blue Wireless, marking its ninth acquisition in two years and significantly strengthening its presence in Asia Pacific and the United States.
  2. This acquisition aligns with Wireless Logic’s strategic global expansion and diversification plan, following the 2022 acquisitions of IoThink Solutions, Mobius Networks, and Jola.
  3. The acquisition bolsters Wireless Logic’s portfolio to now include fixed wireless access (FWA) services, adding to its robust offering in the IoT space.
  4. Blue Wireless, founded in 2015, has been a prominent player in providing wide-area IoT cellular solutions to enterprises, with a key focus on sectors such as energy, retail, logistics, and maritime.
  5. Recognized as the “first provider of fixed wireless access services on a global scale”, Blue Wireless brings a 70-strong team based out of six offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US, further expanding Wireless Logic’s global workforce and reach.
  6. The acquisition enables Wireless Logic to leverage Blue Wireless’s fixed-price LTE/5G connectivity offerings in over 80 countries, thus providing a speed-guaranteed and service level agreement (SLA) underpinned connectivity solution.
  7. Ivan Landen, the CEO of Blue Wireless, expressed optimism about the acquisition, emphasizing that with Wireless Logic’s support, they can accelerate their innovation and connectivity roadmap to benefit their customers and teams around the globe.
  8. Joop Gerlach, the COO of Blue Wireless, affirmed that the company will continue to deliver wireless network solutions to its global enterprise customers, now fortified by Wireless Logic’s strong position in mobile IoT networking.
  9. Oliver Tucker, the CEO of Wireless Logic, stated the acquisition is a significant step in strengthening their global footprint and routes to market, expressing enthusiasm for welcoming the talented Blue Wireless team and setting new standards in the connectivity marketplace.
  10. As part of the Wireless Logic Group, Blue Wireless is expected to continue operating as a separate business unit focusing on global Wireless Network Solutions, benefitting from the financial strength and leading position of Wireless Logic in Mobile and IoT data solutions.
  11. This acquisition solidifies Wireless Logic’s standing in the IoT connectivity platform market, boasting over 10 million IoT subscriptions in 165 countries and direct partnerships with 50 mobile network operators.
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