In the Internet of Things (IoT) realm, the rapidly evolving digital landscape calls for continuous learning and adapting. With this in mind, a comprehensive two-day training program has been tailored to make your journey into the world of IoT smoother and more efficient. At the center of this training is the Favoriot IoT platform, a gem in Malaysia’s technological prowess, which proudly bears the MySTI logo, a testament to its certification as a Malaysian-made product by MOSTI.

Why Favoriot IoT Platform?

The Favoriot IoT platform stands out for its user-friendly features and robust capabilities. Over the years, it has been the chosen learning ground for hundreds of budding IoT enthusiasts. Through this training, we’ve seen participants gain confidence and expertise, ready to tackle real-world IoT projects by leveraging the simplicity and power of an all-encompassing IoT platform.

Your Two-Day IoT Expedition Breakdown:

  • Day 1: Building a Foundation Grasping the Basics of IoT: Dive into the vast ocean of the Internet of Things, understand its ecosystem, and get familiar with the components that bring it to life.
    • IoT Devices Unveiled: Get acquainted with the variety of IoT devices, their features, and the vast array of sensors at our disposal today.
    • Connectivity & Communication: Explore how IoT devices talk. Delve into the modes of connectivity and understand the challenges in their communication.
    • Platform, Application, Security & More: Learn about different IoT platforms, leading applications, security challenges, and the various computing types. Plus, get insights into standardization in the IoT sphere.
    • Meet the Favoriot Platform: Understand the Favoriot Platform hierarchy, from projects to applications, groups, and devices. This session also includes creating, editing, and managing these hierarchies.
  • Day 2: Hands-On & Practical Implementation Arduino IDE & IoT Device: Immerse yourself in the world of Arduino IDE. Learn about its installation, configuration, and understanding of IoT device hardware.
    • Programming & APIs: Write your first IoT program and understand how Application Programming Interfaces (API) work. Use Favoriot APIs and third-party tools like Postman to simulate data transmission and retrieval.
    • Integrating with Favoriot: Interface with development kits like Hibiscus Sense. This session is all about practical tasks: creating projects, viewing and analyzing data, setting rules, and sending data to third-party systems.
    • Data Protocols & Dashboards: Understand how data is transmitted using protocols like REST API, MQTT, and CoAP. The finale? Dive deep into the Favoriot Platform’s Dashboard feature. Learn how to create, customize, and use various dashboard widgets effectively.

Wrap Up

At the end of this training, you will have a solid foundation in IoT fundamentals and the practical skills to kick-start your IoT projects using the Favoriot Platform. So whether you’re an absolute beginner or looking to improve your skills, this two-day training promises a comprehensive, hands-on experience to guide you through the fascinating world of IoT. Join us and embark on your digital journey with Malaysian excellence.

Next Favoriot IoT Training Date and Venue

  • Date: 15 – 16 Nov. 2023
  • Venue: Pullman KLCC, Kuala Lumpur


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