Embrace IOT the Right Way

Do we need another Blueprint to implement IoT?

We are one of those countries that never lacked Blueprints, Strategic Papers, Frameworks, Concept Papers. Many states around the world love to visit Malaysia and listened to our ideas and initiatives. And many of them have successfully duplicated, replicated or copied our initiatives back home. Thanks to Malaysia.

Personally, I felt its good to have a “top-down” approach with all the relevant stakeholders committed to the strategic directions with a caveat that we shouldn’t keep on changing the vision for every 3-5 years. National initiatives require a long-term vision. We might not achieve it in our generation, but we probably could see the fruits of our labour in our next generation.

Malaysia poised for the next wave of Internet?

Multimedia Super Corridor initiated in 1996 is one of the strategic initiatives to transform the country to become an ICT leader and become a Knowledge Society. Maybe some of the proposed applications seem to be far ahead of its time since most of the infrastructure such as broadband has not reached its maturity and its required speed. However, we have to take note, ICT is a fast moving technology. We have seen our mobile networks transformed from 1G to 4G in such a rapid pace. The Web has become more intelligent. Higher upload speeds enabled individuals to become the source of the content. We published images, videos to Flickr, Youtube, Vine, etc. The Internet has reached an IPv4 saturation and thus we have no choice but to adopt IPv6.

Risk of being left behind

“Things” have started to communicate with each other. Wearable devices, smart homes, vehicle tracking, intelligent buildings are part of the new era of Internet of Things (IoT). Whether we like it or not, whether there is a National IoT Blueprint or not, we have to embrace IoT or risk being left behind.

It’s part of the process to understand what is IoT. However, we can’t always continue arguing among ourselves the perfect definition of IoT. Many countries have passed that phase of definition.

In order not to be left behind for another 15 more years, we have to change the way we think, change the way we work and change the way we embrace the inevitable.

Here’re the 10 DO’s:

  1. Have an IoT plan
  2. Have an IoT budget
  3. Understand the impact of IoT
  4. Get a CEO buy-in
  5. Change the process
  6. Get the right people
  7. Try IoT app even its small
  8. Learn from others
  9. Believe in IOT – Be entrepreneurial
  10. DO before others DO

The 10 DON’Ts

  1. Procrastinate
  2. Think it’s simple to catch-up
  3. Leave your assets alone non-monitored
  4. Work in silos
  5. Belief IT is the only department responsible for implementing IoT
  6. Think IoT is just a “technology push.”
  7. Wait for some form of IoT Blueprint to launch
  8. Depend on only the government to start IoT initiatives
  9. Minus your IoT budget from the Company’s equation
  10. Let your competitor take the lead

What steps have you taken to embrace IoT? Start now and be the first at the forefront.

About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is an IOT Evangelist, Thought Leader and CEO of REDtone IOT. You can reach him on LinkedIn at or Twitter at . For further details, check out

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