UKAY PERDANA: For a long time residents in Ukay Perdana 3 have the problem of garbage collection that seems to be no ending. Many grievances and complaints were made but still unresolved. Although the garbage contractor will pick up trash, there are many more areas that can not be collected according to the prescribed schedule.

This problem has been prolonged and discussed many times in the Whatsapp Group “De Puncak Ukay Komuniti“. Some photographic evidence has been forwarded to the authorities but responses are not up to their expectation.

On July 13, 2016, the De Puncak Ukay Residents Association (DePURA) finally took its own steps to overcome this problem by using technology and services like CitiAct.

The community can download CitiAct mobile application from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store and register using their email. This application allows users to submit reports such as unattended garbage, potholes, faulty street lights, crime, etc. by snapping photos at the location of the problem occurred.

These reports will be displayed in the portal CitiSense (, and it also has a feature to generate reports in the form of PDF files for the purpose of bringing this unresolved incident to the council or the relevant parties.

DePURA hopes that CitiAct application can be adopted by the Local Council (MPAJ) so it can be a new channel for communities to engage with them and can also monitor the performance of contractors, their contractor. The future plan will that the use of CitiAct application can be expanded to the rest of Ukay Perdana community.

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