Faculty of Electrical Engineering and IAP Members

Skudai (April 9. 2017) – I was invited as one of the Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) by Faculty of Electrical Engineering to review the proposed Revised Curriculum of Undergraduate programs.

The workshop started with the briefing from the Dean of FKE, Prof. Dr. Johari Halim Shah Osman and continued with different presentations from the Heads of Department for SKEE, SKEL and SKET program.

As one of the more matured Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the country, FKE seems to be well-ahead in terms of their achievements in many aspects both locally and at International levels.

Just like any other Universities in Malaysia, the topic of IOT has now been incorporated in either as an introduction or as specific subject. It’s better late than never. Although most of the elements of IOT are taught in the core subjects, students need to know why and how the subjects that they learn fits into the overall picture of IOT.

Many students attend lectures without knowing or appreciating why they learn the subjects. It’s recommended that the “big picture” should be introduced by an experienced lecturer or from the relevant industry at a very early stage.

It’s critical to get the important industry inputs to stay relevant. Contents need to be regularly revised with more recent technologies. Lecturers and students need to be exposed to industry problems. Co-curriculums must be encouraged to equip students with extra knowledge before working in the real environment. Prepare the students to become next generation of knowledge workers.

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