Cyberjaya (May 23, 2017) – Even though FAVORIOT, the latest startup in Malaysia, is only about 2 months old in the industry, we felt that we can’t wait for the Internet of Things to be in full market readiness and thus we accept the invitation to showcased our FAVORIOT platform publicly for the first time. We have also included the demo with Promosys HawkEYE Cloud monitoring gateway.


FAVORIOT First Public Showcase

The event was held at MCMC. All of the presenters are from vendors and network provider such as SigFox, Atilze (LoRa), NB-IoT (Huawei), Nokia and ST Microelectronics.


Panel Session

Together with the rest of IoT industry players, we were given a small booth at the Experiential Learning Spaces to showcase our products. It comprised of various companies that are part of the IoT ecosystem. It’s exciting to see a variety of players started to mushrooming – that’s good for a start. Hope more of these events can be supported by the government agencies such as MCMC. Creating awareness about IoT is not only meant for the technology players but also to the people at the street and the actual users.


IoT players need to get together

For a start, getting to know¬†who are the players in the industry is also important. I have mentioned many times that IoT can’t be delivered by a single company. You can try to be a “lone ranger” but it will take much longer time to deliver. Every company has their own specialization and collaboration is a better way to deliver a better end-to-end IoT solution. The industry is still fragmented and no single company monopolizes the game.


IoT in Malaysia is still in the embryonic stage but the opportunity is still very big and it’s everyone’s guess what are the killer IoT applications.


Friends from the industry

And the fact that many organizations have started asking for an IoT solution (although they are not sure what “solution”) showed that the interest is growing daily.


With John Tay and Toh Swee Hoe from MCMC


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