Malaysia IoT Ecosystem – Organization List (Updated)

If you are a Malaysian Organization that is part of the IoT Value Chain and wants to be listed in this particular Poster/Slide, please register below and submit your Logo, Website and indicate only ONE value chain which your Company fits best. Note:

  1. R&D / Universities – Research into IoT
  2. Smart Module – Chipset or module level
  3. Smart Objects – Ready made product/device
  4. Connectivity – IoT Network Provider
  5. Platform – Horizontal or Vertical IoT Middleware
  6. Soft Custom/System Integration – self-explanatory
  7. Reseller/Channel – No products but resell others or value-add with new business models

SUBMIT your Contribution below:

You can simply DOWNLOAD the LATEST poster/Powerpoint slide HERE.  or  Malaysia ioT Ecosystem (14 downloads)

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