Eric Chong and his family including several of the residents wanted to go back to their hometown for their Chinese New Year Holidays. Since their Residential Association (RA) have subscribed to Favorsense, he can just send a request to Favorsense and stated the time frame of their absence. The RA Admin will assign the RA security to take extra patrol during this period.

For the past week, the local council’s garbage truck did not take most of the garbage along Abdul Majid’s road. And this causes a big problem because the stray dogs are rummaging the trash and littered the areas. Unfortunately,  their local councils have not subscribed to Favorsense but since their Community Residential Association have a strong voice with the local councils, Abdul Majid just had to submit to their RA Favorsense. His report about the unattended garbage issues and also the stray dogs were quickly handled by their RA Favorsense Admin who called the right Authorities.

Muthusamy and John always had an early morning jogging together and they noticed the fences that formed the gated community was torn down by someone. Worried that it might cause a breach of security, they quickly take photos of the fences and submit via Favorsense. Since it is automatically geotagged, the reports are quickly handled by the RA.


These are some examples, how Favorsense for Residential Association from FAVORIOT can help the Community better. For more info, please send email to

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