VOTE for FAVORIOT as BEST IOT STARTUP (Dateline: Dec. 20, 2019)
We started with a humble beginning in April 2017. It was considered in the early days of IoT in Malaysia.

We started the first product called RAQIB, a smart healthcare solution meant for monitoring the safety and health of elderly parents. Later we extend the market to monitor pilgrims performing their Hajj or Umrah. More information about RAQIB here

In parallel, we also realized by building an IoT platform for Raqib, we can offer the platform for other IoT developers around the world. A platform that can ease the pain of developing such a complex IoT project. Now we have more than 2300 developers from 90 countries around the world using this platform. More information about the FAVORIOT platform here

There are many smart cities initiatives around the world but not many are successful. It’s simply because they didn’t focus on citizen needs and pain points. Thus, we developed Favorsense that becomes a citizen engagement platform that will help to solve the cities problem. More information about Favorsense can be found here

And for 2020, we are preparing to enter a new market i.e. Travel and Tourism with our latest IoT solution called D’scover.

Remember the time when you travel in a group of friends or with a tour group? And there’s always a moment that you wish to explore yourselves without being attached to a very strict group itinerary. With D’scover, you can explore freely, create your own adventures and personal memories without upsetting the rest of the group members or your tour leaders.

Remember the time when you lead a group of tourists and find it very hard to manage groups that have different preferences and the hassle in informing the change of itinerary on time? Have you ever wish to have a hailer to inform everyone at once and the ability to monitor each tourist to ensure their safety while they are enjoying their trip? With D’scover, you can continuously monitor and communicate any changes in the itinerary whilst giving them the freedom to explore.

Keep track of the official launching of D’scover very soon –

Personally, I have been evangelizing IoT in Malaysia for many years trying to create that awareness of IoT and also the upcoming IR 4.0. Check my talks here

We have won the Best IoT Startup category (Malaysia) and become the country’s representative to the Regional Asean Rice Bowl Startup Awards. Thus, we hoped that you can continue your support and vote FAVORIOT –

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