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  1. IoT Experiments (With Source Code)
  2. How To Build Your Own IoT Ecosystem
  3. Building Blocks of FAVORIOT IoT Middleware
  4. 15 Universities Partner With FAVORIOT to Create an Ecosystem of IoT Developers
  5. List of IoT Projects by University Collaborators
  6. Videos – Compilation of FAVORIOT Videos by Developers
  7. FAVORIOT IoT Middleware Training by FAVORIOT
  8. Introduction to FAVORIOT Middleware Platform
  9. Favoriot IoT Middleware Documentation
  10. YouTube Video – Topik 2 – Definisi IoT dan IoT Middleware
  11. YouTube Video – Topik 3 – Kegunaan IoT Middleware Bahagian 2
  12. YouTube Video – Topik 4 – Bagaimana Hendak Memilih IoT Middleware
  13. Video – How-To Create IoT Ecosystem for Universities
  14. Pricing – Subscribe to Favoriot IoT Platform (FREE and PAID)
  15. Subscribe IoT Platform NOW for FREE!
  16. FORUM – Ask, Share and Discuss About Favoriot IoT Platform
  17. Favoriot Developer Platform Login Page
  18. FAVORIOT IoT Platform Version 2.0 Release Notes.
  19. Malaysia’s Best IoT Startup 2019
  20. YouTube Video – Introduction to FAVORIOT IoT Platform Version 2.0

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