For many of us, there is this “Love” and “Hate” relationship when it comes to Roadmap, Blueprint, or Framework. We love this document because it has documented the issues, challenges, and action plans. We hate this because many of the action plans failed to take off or died halfway through. In 2014, we have launched the National Internet of Things Strategic Roadmap and at the end of 2018, we launched INDUSTRY 4WRD – the National Policy on Industry 4.0. There is a plan to develop the National Artificial Intelligence Roadmap in 2021.

Why did most Blueprints and Roadmaps fail? Personally, I noticed there are several issues that need to be overcome:

  1. Ownership of Action Plans – Even though at the start of the Blueprint development, all parties gathered and provide their inputs, but when action plans are delegated to the right parties, it seems no one is seriously taking over that responsibility.
  2. No budget allocation – If the responsible party is given the action plan, it will not be able to move if there is no budget allocated to the owner of the task.
  3. Lack of Project Management – There should be a permanent Project Management Office that continuously tracks the progress of the plans and their outcomes. The PMO will be responsible to gather the data and present to the Management Committee for an immediate problem resolution.

Thus, do we still need another IoT Blueprint? Most probably, we don’t but we should revisit to ensure that it’s a living document. Technology changes at a very fast pace. Business disruptions are happening everywhere. Thus, we have to quickly monitor the trends and ensure it aligns to the aspirations of our Nation.

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