Sample Pages

Sample Pages


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Among the topics covered:

  1. What is IoT? Components of IoT
  2. IoT combat Covid-19
  3. What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
  4. Differences between Industry 4.0 and IR 4.0
  5. The ripples of technology
  6. IoT inflection point – why now?
  7. Building IoT – The 3-Step Approach
  8. How IoT can impact the business
  9. Key success factors and challenges
  10. 7 IoT Business Models
  11. Differences Between MQTT and HTTP Protocols
  12. Advantages of Internet of Things
  13. Disadvantages of the Internet of Things
  14. The Future of Connected Field Technician
  15. Benefits of Using a Vehicle Tracking System
  16. IoT Reshaping the World Post Covid-19
  17. 7-Layers of OSI
  18. IoT Architecture
  19. 7-Layers of IoT
  20. Which network?
  21. LPWAN Comparisons
  22. Advantages of using Arduino
  23. What Programming Languages Rule IoT
  24. What’s an IoT Platform
  25. System Integration in the Era of IR 4.0
  26. System Integration in IoT
  27. Steps to implement system integration
  28. Top 10 skills required to become an IoT Engineer
  29. Favoriot IoT Platform – Free and Premium
  30. IoT Video Resources
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