As Malaysia moves into the era of IR 4.0 with the launch of National Policy on Industry 4.0 called Industry 4WRD in Oct. 2018, it’s a sign for the industry to quickly adopt the transformation using various technologies such as IoT, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and others. However, at that stage many of the industries are grappling with the emergence of these technology and how it impact them.

Even before they start their IR 4.0 journey, they need to assess where they stand and see how big is the gap in their current operations. Readiness assessment is a necessity before the right intervention plan need to takes place. But where can we find these solutions? Who are the IR 4.0 players in the market?

Thus, when MIFA was setup on June 6th, 2020, their mission is to provide that local expertise. Among their core activities are:

  • Generate opportunities to meet and collaborate with other leading companies, thinkers, doers, movers in the I4.0 & IR4.0 world.
  • Form industry committees and working groups to identify and address areas of common concerns.
  • Exercise thought leadership voice in driving forward the most important conversations on I4.0 & IR4.0 at industry events and in the press.
  • Jumpstart business development opportunities, which includes partners and customers, suppliers, talent, and potential investors.
  • Lead efforts to raise I4.0 & IR4.0 education among consumers, sales channels, and investors.

It is hoped that this Association will be able to push the national agenda as quickly as possible to ensure Malaysia be remained competitive in the global market.

You can download the first inaugural Newsletter of MIFA – HERE.

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