The IoT and OT Security Handbook (Published in 2023) is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to improve their understanding of security risks associated with IoT and OT systems. The authors, Smita Jain and Vasantha Lakshmi, clearly and concisely explain key security concepts, including common attack vectors in the IoT and OT domains. They also introduce Microsoft Defender for IoT, a powerful tool for assessing and managing security risks.

The book begins with an overview of the challenges in managing and securing IoT and OT devices in Industry 4.0. The authors then introduce the Purdue reference architecture model, which provides a framework for exploring common cyber attacks in IoT and OT environments. They go on to explain the features of Microsoft Defender for IoT and how it can help organizations to secure their IoT and OT systems effectively.

One of the key strengths of this book is the practical examples and case studies provided to illustrate key concepts. This makes the book an accessible and informative guide that can help organizations of all sizes to manage security risks and protect their IoT and OT systems. Additionally, the book includes best practices for achieving continuous monitoring, vulnerability management, threat monitoring, and aligning business models toward zero trust.

Overall, the IoT and OT Security Handbook is an essential resource for IT and security professionals looking to improve their knowledge of IoT and OT security. It provides practical advice and guidance for securing IoT and OT systems effectively. The use of Microsoft Defender for IoT as a tool for assessing and managing security risks makes it a valuable resource for organizations looking to secure their systems.

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