Aerodyne Group (“Aerodyne”), the world’s leading drone solutions provider, announced on March 27, 2023, that it had entered the Italian market through a strategic investment in Aiviewgroup, Italy’s top drone service provider based in Rome.

Here’re 11 things you need to know about this strategic investment:

  1. Aerodyne Group, a Malaysia-based drone solutions provider, has strategically invested in Aiviewgroup, Italy’s leading drone service provider, marking its entrance into the Italian market.
  2. This partnership allows the two companies to leverage synergies from their respective areas of expertise and technologies and bring their solutions to a wider global audience.
  3. The Italian commercial drone software and services market is projected to reach $595 million by 2026, making this partnership a strategic move for Aerodyne’s global expansion and technological advancement.
  4. Aiviewgroup has a strong track record of servicing high-profile clients in Italy, particularly in infrastructure inspection. Their expertise makes them an ideal partner for Aerodyne, enabling the latter to expand its capabilities and global reach.
  5. Through this partnership, Aiviewgroup will be able to capitalise on Aerodyne’s robust and proven track record in drone and data technology, expanding into new markets including remote autonomous drone-based solutions and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics.
  6. This investment marks Aerodyne’s twenty-first global merger and acquisition (M&A), reinforcing the company’s commitment to global growth and expansion.
  7. Aiviewgroup’s management team is excited about the partnership with Aerodyne and plans to continue driving the company’s growth.
  8. The combination of Aiviewgroup’s local expertise and market access with Aerodyne’s global presence and track record is expected to bring more value to customers and develop the most innovative and effective solutions for their needs.
  9. Aerodyne is a DT3 (drone tech, data tech, and digital transformation) drone-based enterprise solutions provider and a pioneer in the use of AI for large-scale data operations, analytics, and process optimisation.
  10. Aiviewgroup is the Italian leader in unmanned technology operations, with a significant order portfolio with enterprise customers and multi-year contracts for end-to-end solution services, from drone operations to data analysis and certified reporting.
  11. Aerodyne plans to raise between $100 million to $200 million in its Series C funding round for further expansion and M&A activities, indicating its aggressive growth strategy. It’s also exploring the possibility of an initial public offering (IPO) in the next two to three years.
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