The advantages of hydroponics and aquaculture are combined in the agricultural technique known as aquaponics. An Internet of Things (IoT) aquaponics system is used to help collect vast amounts of ecological and agricultural data. An aquaponics system, including a fish tank and planting area, has been completed and set up as an experimental field. The major goals of this project are to create an IoT aquaponics monitoring system that may be used for a variety of purposes. This project utilises Arduino, WiFi shield and Android applications for monitoring purposes. A pH sensor, temperature and servo motor are used to retrieve and store the data on the Favoriot IoT platform. The sensors’ results were degree temperature, soil moisture, pH, and automatic fish feeder. The system acquires an average performance of 92.5%, considering the data receive and system functionality. In conclusion, the project can monitor the water temperature, moisture, pH and provide notifications through the mobile application of the aquaponic monitoring system


Muhammad Azeem Syazwan Mohd Noordin, Sharifah Saon, Abd Kadir Mahamad, Mazlan Abbas

Published: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies, Vol. 17, No. 12 (2023)

Full article – HERE

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