The Faculty of Computing has recently achieved a notable accomplishment by successfully orchestrating the KPT-PACE Professional Certification Program – Fundamentals of Internet of Things (IoT) utilizing the Favoriot Platform. KPT-PACE, generously funded by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), is an exemplary initiative aimed at fortifying the skills and augmenting the competence of final-year students and recent graduates through professional certifications that perfectly align with their expertise and competencies.

An impressive count of 50 final-year students, who hailed from an array of disciplines – including Computing, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical & Energy Engineering, Science, and Built Environment & Surveying – have had the honor of being officially certified in the Internet of Things (IoT) Fundamentals by Favoriot and the prestigious Malaysian Board of Technologies (MBOT).

The acquisition of this certification through the Favoriot platform offers the students a plethora of advantages:

  1. Interdisciplinary Application: Favoriot Platform’s compatibility with diverse disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and even chemical engineering showcases IoT’s versatility. Students gain exposure to how IoT integrates and optimizes systems across various industries.
  2. Practical Skill Development: Through hands-on experience with the Favoriot Platform, students develop practical skills in IoT, which is among the most sought-after experts in the current technological landscape. This prepares them for the workforce and makes them highly desirable candidates for employment.
  3. Innovation and Creativity: The Favoriot Platform provides students with essential tools for innovation. By knowing IoT, students are empowered to think creatively and develop solutions that can streamline processes, reduce costs, and even lead to the creation of new products or services.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Students network with professionals and experts in the field by being part of a certification program recognized by the Malaysian Board of Technologies. This can open doors to future collaborations, knowledge sharing, and employment opportunities.
  5. Global Relevance: As IoT is a rapidly evolving field with global relevance, learning through the Favoriot Platform ensures that students are not only up-to-date with the current technologies but are also prepared for emerging trends and technologies. This global perspective makes them competitive not just within Malaysia but also on an international platform.
  6. Contribution to Sustainability: IoT has immense potential to contribute to sustainability by optimizing resource usage and minimizing waste. Students who understand IoT through Favoriot are well-positioned to contribute to more sustainable practices in whatever field they choose to work in.
  7. Entrepreneurial Prospects: Students can also explore entrepreneurial avenues with the IoT skills acquired. They could start their venture by providing IoT solutions to various sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.
  1. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: The Favoriot Platform’s array of tools and applications empowers students to tackle real-world problems. They learn to analyze data, make informed decisions, and employ IoT solutions to resolve issues. This enhancement in problem-solving skills is invaluable in any professional setting.
  2. Career Diversification: IoT is pervasive across numerous industries. With a certification in IoT Fundamentals through the Favoriot Platform, students are not bound to a single career path. Instead, they can explore opportunities in diverse healthcare, transportation, smart cities, and more sectors.
  3. Improved Collaboration and Teamwork: The program hosted students from various faculties, providing an excellent opportunity for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Students learned the importance of teamwork and how diverse skills can be harnessed for better outcomes in IoT projects.
  4. Enhanced Data Literacy: In an era where data is pivotal, the Favoriot Platform provides students with the necessary exposure to handling massive volumes of data generated by IoT devices. This experience is instrumental in cultivating data literacy, an essential skill in the modern world.
  5. Exposure to Cutting-edge Technology: The Favoriot Platform is at the forefront of IoT technology. Students get first-hand experience with the latest tools and methodologies, which is vital for staying competitive in the fast-paced world of technology.
  6. Boosting Local Economy and Technological Advancement: As students become proficient in IoT through Favoriot, they have the potential to contribute significantly to the local economy. Through innovations and efficient solutions, they can play a role in the technological advancement of Malaysia.
  7. Community Service and Social Impact: Knowledge of IoT can also be employed for community service. Students can develop solutions to address community issues, such as improving traffic management, enhancing agricultural practices, or facilitating better healthcare services. This has a positive social impact and improves the quality of life for many.
  8. Building Confidence and Professionalism: Completing a certification course enhances a students’ confidence in their abilities. Additionally, interaction with industry professionals and experts during the program fosters a sense of professionalism that is essential for career development.

In conclusion, the KPT-PACE Professional Certification Program utilizing the Favoriot Platform is an exemplary initiative that offers the participating students a treasure trove of opportunities and advantages. By equipping them with skills in IoT, the program boosts their prospects and catalyzes societal progress and economic growth. The graduates, armed with knowledge and certifications, are now the torchbearers who can innovate, inspire, and lead in the exciting realm of the Internet of Things.

The KPT-PACE Professional Certification Program, in collaboration with Favoriot, is not just an academic achievement for the participants but a substantial leap towards making them adept, dynamic, and valuable contributors to society and the global economy.

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