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Upcoming Talk on Oct. 7, 2016


I received this invitation quite some time ago and the title is given to me with the intention to introduce Internet of Things and the what Malaysia have done so far in regards to the implementation.

I might not be able to give the best answers to what the planned policies that are under discussions but maybe will be able to give some insights regarding the challenges the IOT industry in Malaysia is facing.

Are we, Malaysians, still at the stage of getting awareness or implementation? As previously mentioned in my articles, one indication regarding the readiness of deployment is when an event/conferences/forums surrounding IOT or anything related such as Smart Cities include Exhibitions or not. When there is a lack of traction regarding sponsored booths, it also shows the lack of interest from the vendors who felt that the attendees are not serious buyers or users.

Maybe it’s also the fault of the world economic downturn, and unfortunately, IoT is being hyped during this period.



National IOT Strategic Roadmap


How far is Malaysia from achieving the 2020 goals of IoT Roadmap? Are we in the right direction? Have we break down all the barriers and provide enough enablers to expedite the realization of the vision?

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