IoT Ecosystem in Malaysia is Growing

Kuala Lumpur (April 1, 2017) – To promote locally Malaysian-made IoT products, Promosys Technology Sdn Bhd and FAVORIOT Sdn Bhd agreed to collaborate in developing customized IoT solutions according to customers’ needs.

Promosys can help to design the right device, selecting suitable connectivity and developing intelligent applications exclusively for the target market, under their own branding and using FAVORIOT’s platform in managing the IoT devices.

17457975_10155086551963396_3773206468364438955_n.jpgAs a newly Startup in Malaysia, FAVORIOT has an ambitious mission to help people and organizations to be well-connected with their most valuable assets – health and the environment they work and live in.

“With this collaboration, other than developing customized IoT applications, we wanted to prove that Malaysian-made IoT products have the same or better quality than overseas products. Who said we can’t be a global player too?”, said Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT.

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“These type of local collaboration is critically needed, there is much opportunity for local SME, community and at large the nation can truly benefit from the Internet of Thing evolution, we need to move out from the ideology that locals are not good enough for advanced technology and win-win partnership not possible. Many local companies are capable of delivering superior product, solution, and eco-system”, said Mr.Pathma, CEO of Promosys Technology.

Currently, Promosys have developed several products both for local and international clients such as HawkEye Clod Monitoring, Early Warning System – EWS, Nurse Call System (NCS), Automatic Vehicle Locating System, Rodent Monitoring System, Remote Patient Monitoring System – Jane, Continuous Monitoring Emission System (CEMS), Non-Revenue River Monitoring and Solar PV Monitoring Solution.

FAVORIOT offers an IOT platform specifically designed for any Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The platform is developed to support the integration of data from sensors and actuators on the Internet. Collecting and storing data from IOT devices become much easier. Moreover, the platform also helps developers in building vertical applications without worry about the hosting.

The year 2017 will bring new and exciting IoT ventures as the whole IoT ecosystem in Malaysia beginning to grow and mature. The collaboration between Promosys and FAVORIOT proves that end-to-end IoT solution can’t be delivered by a single company alone.

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