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#AskIoTWorld Question #4:

How do I start my IoT Project?


Simple answer – it depends on where do you stand? Assuming that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to develop an IoT project, take the following steps:

  1. Go out there and find a business case. Good market research report can give an indication but the market can be different in different countries. Thus, you need to be out there and find a real business case. Talk to the industry, talk to the customers and listen to their pain points.
  2. The low hanging fruit is to replace manual labor with remote monitoring. Costs can be greatly reduced. No more traveling costs and time-consuming data gathering. By doing this, you are also benchmarking their operations.
  3. The best part of benchmarking is that you can now introduce more sensors, actuators, analytics to gain better insights and thus ROI can be easily seen and predict.

This is just the beginning of your IoT journey. Take a simple step forward, understand their business case, learn, change if it doesn’t work, expand if it begins to show the ROI.

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