#askiotworld #2:

Are there fully IOT implemented in any University around the globe? If there are then share the list and % of IOT implementation coverage. If it can be implemented in any University in Malaysia, should it be UTM the best candidate? is there any plan for it then?


A simple answer to this will be “no”. In fact, there is no single organization in the world that really implement a “full” IOT. Some parts of the organization might adopt IoT but not “fully” if that’s what the question is referring.

Most IoT research activities reside in the Universities. The research originates from Faculty of Electrical or Electronic or Computer Engineering to Faculty of Computer Science. Advanced IoT applications can be seen in many University Labs. Unfortunately, there are no statistics compiled worldwide although you can check out FP7 and Horizon 2020 list of projects to see which Universities in Europe are involved in IoT.

In Malaysia, FAVORIOT has started to engage with 15 Universities to groom the new Generation-IoT. Check the list here. Personally, I have seen many IoT projects in the Universities have difficulty to turn them into something commercial. Mainly due to the objectives of the projects are focused on developing new technologies, producing Masters and Ph.D. graduates, publications and presenting at conferences. The funds given are not able to go beyond prototypes. These are among the many challenges for Universities in Malaysia to “fully” implement IoT.

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