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In Malaysia, the flood is one of the frequent disasters that occurred in the monsoon season especially at the end of each year. The flood monitoring and detection system are important to minimize flood damage costs because the cost of damaged caused by the floods is correlated closely with the period of warning given before the flood event occurred. Because of this, the purpose of this project is to design and develop a flood monitoring and detection system using the Internet of Thing (IoT).


The main objective of the proposed system is to provide information on the current water level in the particular area, such as river and drain. When, the water level increase beyond the critical level, the system sends the alert notification to the user. The system will give alert for three-level that are Standby level (Green LED), Evacuate level (Yellow LED) and Danger level (Red LED). The system consists of an ultrasonic sensor, Arduino UNO as the system microcontroller, WiFi or GSM module, and FAVORIOT platform.  WiFi module is used to established connection to the internet. The WEMOS-D1R2 must be set and connected to the WiFi. The current water level is pushed to the FAVORIOT platform and can be viewed in a graph. Figure 1 shows the system design of the proposed system with WiFi module. As an alternative, for an area without a WiFi connection, GSM module can be integrated with the system, and the current water level can be sent to the user via SMS.



Figure 1: Block diagram of the system with WIFI module


The design of the system with GSM module is shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Block diagram of the system with GSM/GPRS module



Figure 3: 3D view of the project with dimension



Figure 4: Data stream of water level measurement in FAVORIOT platform



Figure 5: Graph plotted automatically based on the received data streams in Favoriot Platform.



Figure 6: Received SMS notification via GSM


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