IoT in Malaysia (2019) – A Dream vs A Reality

Written by Mazlan Abbas

Dec 11, 2019

December 11, 2019

IoT in Malaysia – A Dream or A Reality?

I have made a prediction about IoT in Malaysia sometime in December 2018 on how Malaysia will perform in 2019.

There are about 8 points which I have highlighted. Even though it’s not much to expect but it seems to be a very challenging task for a Nation that’s starting to get aware of the importance of IR 4.0.

It seems this year (2019) is still full of awareness campaigns with many seminars, conferences, exhibitions regarding IR 4.0 and that includes the topics of AR/VR, AI, Robotics, Blockchain, IoT etc.

But the industry is waiting for action and implementation but it does not happen in 2019. Many SMEs are still wondering how to start the deployment.

Mengimbas Kembali Perjalanan IoT di Malaysia Pada Tahun 2019 

We need to increase the Nation’s economy by becoming a Producer Nation that creates and develops or own indigenous technologies and products.

This is the only way to break the vicious cycle – when we become a producer-nation, we need more creative and innovative engineers (high-tech) to develop the products and thus creating a business that hires talented engineers.

Only then, we will have more interest in the new generation to take engineering subjects or courses.

The numbers of engineering students in the Universities are dwindling rapidly and very worrying.

Old vs New Generation

The old way of teaching and learning has to change. Using new tools which mimic the industry will be a plus

Reduce the Bureaucracy

What’s sad is that the Universities wanted to change the syllabus and content and yet being bogged down by the slow adoption of bureaucracy. It can take more than a year to get the new content or course to be approved.


Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) starts with the owners of the business. Take the first step or will be left behind. New companies are being set up using the latest technologies of IR 4.0. The older companies will have no power to stop and thus will lose their competitiveness.

Year End Offer (2019)

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  • Usability
  • Durability
  • Operating System
  • Speed

"I am not worried with the increased in Artificial Intelligence, but I am more worried with the decreased in Real Intelligence. "

– Dr. Mazlan Abbas.

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