Why complaints regarding potholes go unhindered? It can be various reasons, such as:

  1. No one makes the report
  2. Difficult to make report or not sure to whom should the report be sent
  3. Late in responding
  4. Budget constraints

Basically, it boils down to reporting, escalating, taking action and responding back to the person who makes the report. In terms of reporting, the traditional ways is making reports through phone calls or using their website. Nowadays, there are social media channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Twitter. However, when the public using these channels, they will not be able to “track” the status of the complaints. Nowadays, there are several mobile apps that allow users to do this such as Favorsense. However, apps like these are considered to be hybrid IoT because it still depends on users to make the reports using their mobile phones that are equipped with GPS.

Nowadays, IoT sensors can also being used to detect potholes – some might use sensors that detect whenever a car enters into the potholes or some might use camera (inside a car) with image recognition capability to “see” potholes.

What are other ways do you think can detect potholes? Please leave your comment below.

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