What’s in store for Malaysia’s IoT in the Year 2021?

This is the first blog post in 2021. The whole world was badly impacted in the Year 2020 due to the pandemic Covid-19 in both losses of lives and jobs. One of the biggest impacts is in the travel and tourism sector. Hopefully, the world will start to recover in 2021 after many countries have started to purchase and give Covid-19 vaccinations to their citizens.

The world in 2020 has seen a big impact on the usage of digital services especially in online services such as online education and seminars, online marketplace, usage of robotics and drones, and the increasing deployment in IoT and AI solutions. However, it also exposed big gaps in the real coverage and speed of the Internet, especially in rural areas. But then, we shouldn’t waste the crisis. And that’s why many companies are taking this opportunity. So, what’s in store for Malaysia in  the year 2021?

IoT Predictions 2021

  1. From Awareness to Deployment – We have seen a tremendous amount of education in IR 4.0 technologies last year. While we will still continue this awareness program, many companies who have started to ask for IoT proposals will begin their transformation process in 2021.
  2. Digitization and Digitalisation – Many organizations realized that they can’t compete with their competitors if they remained offline or using the old manual ways. And to become more competitive, they will begin their IoT trials to get a better feeling and buy-in from their C-suite levels.
  3. Adding IoT to their Mobile Apps – Many enterprises who have their own intranet apps will begin to value add with IoT to assist in the monitoring of their assets and having data immediately in their hands. The decision-making process for management will better visibility. And the service technicians will have a better response time.
  4. New Generation-IoT will Emerge – The contents of the Universities and Colleges have been refreshed and many have incorporated the Internet of Things as their subjects. These new graduates so-called “Generation-IoT” will be ready for the new jobs in the industry.
  5. New Innovations in IoT – The government has allocated a big amount of budget for digitalization and new technologies adoption and thus we will see new IoT applications and solutions will appear in 2021. This can be the killer-app of IoT.

A Review of Malaysia’s IR 4.0 in 2020


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