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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has raised the number of Hajj pilgrims from inside and outside the kingdom to 1 million in 2022, after two years of restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hajj is open to those younger than 65 and probably giving the priority to first-time pilgrims especially when many didn’t get the opportunity when the borders are closed in 2020 and 2021.

As in previous years, when more than a million people congregate in a very small area during a specific time, there are bound to be many issues faced by the pilgrims.

Issues During Hajj Period

(1) Getting Lost

Many first-time pilgrims that travel around Mecca and Medina will find it difficult to get back to their hotel or accommodation. Especially during the movement from Mecca to Arafah to Mina and back. Spouses or families that travel together can get separated even when they enter and exit the Masjidilharam.

According to the procedures, men’s and women’s praying areas are always separated. It can cause confusion if both parties did not make proper arrangements for a specific place to meet.

(2) Need Help

What if you need help when lost or injured? How to get help and inform your whereabouts? A proper map with the exact location will definitely help.

(3) Travel Itinerary

When traveling in a group, it’s very difficult to manage, monitor, and inform the rest of the members if there are any changes in the travel plans. Departure time, meeting place, schedule, which buses to take and many others need to be well informed.

(4) Things to Buy or Do

Before returning to their home country, many pilgrims will do some shopping. And sometimes, family members back home would like to get help to purchase something special for them. Thus, it requires a shared “things-to-do-list” or a “check-list” that can remind both parties.

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Dscover for Hajj

FAVORIOT has developed a smartphone app that can easily be installed on an iPhone or Android phone. The app will give the capability to solve the above problems:

(1) Tracking with Permission

Permission is required to allow other people (spouse, friends, or family members) to monitor your daily travels. This includes tracking the historical journey and the places you have visited or stopped by for the last couple of days. It will help to track the person who is lost.

(2) Sending Alert and SOS

The geofencing feature will also give notifications or alerts if the person enters or exits a certain place. Thus, no need to keep checking the app for their whereabouts. Pressing an SOS button will automatically make a call to the next of kin and also send their last location details.

(3) Shared Planner

It’s now much easier to share your itinerary with others. Everyone who uses Dscover in the closed user group will be able to get the latest info about their schedule updates.

(4) Shared List of Things To Do

Having a checklist is a great way to remind oneself or tell others about what needs to be done or what tasks have been completed. Assigning tasks will be much easier in the group.

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