Favoriot has revamped Dscover (formerly called D’scover) with new and exciting features. With Version 3.0, it has gone beyond Location Tracking!

Dscover is an app for your family and friends to stay connected.

Stay connected with your family and loved ones with Dscover.

Stay connected with your family members

  • Create groups and invite your family to be a part of the group members
  • Share information easily within your groups


Manage and keep track of things to do with the groups easily with the List feature.

Post It

Share more exciting posts to brighten everyone’s day while keeping them well informed.


Create more Plan and share it with your group members to ensure the smoothness of the activities.


Ensure the safety of your family members by sharing each other locations in real-time (with their permission).


Add home, workplace, or any important places and receive a notification whenever they enter or exit the Places.


  • Request for help with SOS button when in emergency
  • Alerts will be sent to all group members with your location included through the app and to their email inbox as well
  • Automatically call your emergency contact number if any

In order for our app to work properly, we need a few permissions:

Location/Activity – D’scover use your location to be shared on a map which can only be seen by your group members. This allows us to locate you accurately. Worry not, you have the option to disable the Location Sharing permission if you would like to have some “me time”.

Network – This allows us to receive and send the group members’ up-to-date information whenever your device stay connected to the internet .

Dscover is a FREEMIUM app. It’s free to use for unlimited time, however, if you want to have more features or data, you can opt for the premium features. Currently the premium pricing is MYR 15.90 (about USD 3.86) per month or MYR 134.90 (USD 32.79) per year.

Below is the comparison between FREE and PREMIUM features.

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