MITEC’s corridors were abuzz with talks of future prospects, emphasizing Malaysia’s growing digital ambitions. Among those eager contributors was Favoriot, marking their presence at the Smart Nation Expo for the second year (19-21 Sept 2023). Compared to their initial participation in 2022, this year was about collaborative growth and shared insights.

From An Individual Booth to Joining Hands with MDEC

While last year saw Favoriot introducing themselves from their dedicated booth, this year was more about unity and shared visions. Collaborating with members from the Malaysia IoT Association (MyIoTA) and the Malaysia Smart City Alliance (MSCA), the collective goal was clear: to reflect the unity and cooperative essence Malaysia embodies. Graciously, MDEC recognized this spirit and invited the team to present their advancements from the MDEC Pavilion.

Showcasing Continuous Efforts

In the upcoming days, Favoriot looks forward to sharing updates on their IoT platform, emphasizing the collaborative endeavors and feedback-driven improvements made over the past year. Alongside, in partnership with MyIoTA, there’s an opportunity for attendees to understand the workings of the MyIoTA Sensor Hub and its integration with the Favoriot IoT platform.

MyIoTA Sensor Hub

Perbadanan Putrajaya’s Display: An Ode to Collaboration

Beyond the MDEC Pavilion, Perbadanan Putrajaya also offers a glimpse into the city’s digital aspirations. With the Smart City IoT Dashboard developed in collaboration with Favoriot, it’s a shared vision of a smarter Malaysia.

Gratitude for Recognitions

Favoriot feels honored to have been acknowledged as a Malaysia Digital (MD) status company by MDEC and to have received the MySTI logo from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI). These accolades motivate the team further, reminding them of their responsibility towards Malaysia’s evolving digital chapter.

A Gentle Invitation

As Smart Nation Expo 2023 commences, Favoriot cordially invites all attendees to visit the MDEC Pavilion. It’s a chance to understand, interact, and maybe even contribute to the intertwined digital tapestry that companies like Favoriot, and others, are weaving for Malaysia’s future.

Hoping to share insights, exchange ideas, and embrace the promise of tomorrow at the Smart Nation Expo 2023. Your presence will indeed make the event more enriching.

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