Recently, the government introduced a new initiative known as TVET JELITA. The Technical Education and Vocational Training (TVET) Program, especially for women, is the government’s latest move to further boost women’s economic involvement. The establishment of the TVET Women’s JELITA Academy (Job Empowerment by Learning and Inclusive Technical Advancement) aims to produce more successful, professional, and competitive women.

The JELITA Women’s TVET Academy is structured to enhance women’s skills, outlining various initiatives and incentives to actualize their economic growth.

The National TVET Council aims to increase the percentage of highly-skilled workforce in the economy by 35% by 2030. The Technical University of Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) and the University College of Agro-Science Malaysia (UCAM) will act as the main coordinators and providers of this specialized women’s TVET training.

Favoriot, in collaboration with UCAM, will be offering IoT training as part of this initiative.

If you’re itching to get a piece of this digital pie, Favoriot has got the perfect starter kit for you!

Demystifying IoT with Favoriot’s Ultimate Bootcamp Our holistic training program promises a thorough journey into the world of IoT. Whether you’re a budding techie, a curious entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, we aim to equip you with a robust foundation.

Here’s a Glimpse into our IoT Odyssey:

  • Core Learning: From crafting potent business strategies to hands-on implementation, we’ve got you covered. You’ll gain insights into the sprawling IoT ecosystem, understand its various components, and even get a sneak peek into the future trends of this revolutionary tech.
  • Hands-on Exploration: Diving deep into the mechanics, you’ll get the chance to create code using an IoT development kit, understand how to connect and manage data on a platform, and immerse yourself in real-world IoT solutions.
  • Classroom Dynamics: Embrace the best of both worlds with our blended learning approach. Engage in insightful discussions, tackle theory, and indulge in practical sessions, all designed to deepen your understanding and skills.

Goals to Achieve: We aim for you to:

  • Understand the intricate web that constitutes the IoT ecosystem, right from sensors to cloud services.
  • Become adept at selecting and configuring various sensors and actuators pivotal to IoT.
  • Establish seamless communication between IoT devices and the Favoriot Platform.
  • Master the Favoriot Platform, molding it to develop innovative IoT solutions.
  • Decipher and deploy different messaging protocols, like REST, CoAP, MQTT, and RPC.

The Fruits of Our Training: By the end of our course, you’ll:

  • Be well-versed with the entire IoT landscape.
  • Have the prowess to manage a diverse range of sensors and actuators.
  • Be equipped to effortlessly connect devices to the Favoriot Platform.
  • Boast expertise in navigating the Favoriot IoT Platform for pioneering IoT projects.
  • Command the language of various messaging protocols, applying them in real-world contexts.

A Peek into Our Training Syllabus:

  1. IoT Demystified: Dive deep into every nuance of IoT – devices, connectivity, platforms, security, and more.
  2. Messaging Masterclass: Unravel the mysteries of messaging protocols like RESTful, MQTT, and CoAP.
  3. Postman Prodigy: Get hands-on with the Postman software to master APIs and their IoT roles.
  4. Programming with Arduino IDE: Understand the essence of Arduino IDE and harness its power to channel data from hardware to IoT platforms.
  5. Favoriot’s Treasure Trove: Explore Favoriot’s multi-faceted IoT Platform, diving into project management, data handling, rule creation, and even dashboard design.
  6. API Alchemy: Immerse in the universe of APIs, using Favoriot’s rich offerings and Postman for a practical experience.
  7. Hardware Haven: Get cozy with the IoT development kit, Hibiscus Sense, understanding its embedded sensors and their IoT applications.

So, are you game for an IoT adventure with Favoriot? Let’s gear up and delve deep into this mesmerizing digital realm together!

EXCLUSIVE FOR WOMEN ONLY Greetings & Peace be upon you!

FREE! FREE! FREE! Calling all women aged between 18 – 60 years who are keen to acquire skills in the IoT domain!

Proudly organized by TVET JELITA@RISDA.

COURSE DATE 🗓️ October 9-12, 2023 Venue: UCAM (University College Agroscience Malaysia), Alor Gajah, Melaka

🕘 4 Days, 3 Nights

🧕🏻👩🏻‍💼 Open to Malaysian citizens aged 18 – 60 years

👩‍🏫 Instructors: FAVORIOT

❤️ FREE COURSE KIT (Inclusive of IoT Kit and Beginner Plan for 1-Year) for all participants

🎯 Participation Certificate will be provided

🥳 Accommodation and meals are covered

🗣 Limited to only 20 participants Register now

Click to Register –

Note: Dive into the realm of IoT and take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Learn, grow, and flourish in the digital age! Don’t miss out!

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