Currently we have disable registration via FB Account due to technical issue. Please register using your email.

Q: I always received the message “Please fill-in the requires information correctly”

A: it can due to several matters.

(1) Please fill-in all information. Don’t leave it blank

(2) Nickname MUST be in Alphabets

(3) Password is only Alphabets and Digits allowed

Q: I have not received my Code after submit Request Code

A: Please check your SPAM box

Q: Why my screen is blue after login?

A: Pinch the screen. The blue screen is in the middle of the ocean as default if it cannot detect your phone location.

Q: Why my phone has no location although I have enabled GPS?

A: Please check the Videos Section for Tutorial to enable location services for iOS or Android

– For Android –

– For iOS –

Q: Why I still can’t see my location after I have enabled the location?

A: There’s a minor bug in the app. Please try to quit the app and relaunch again.

NOTE: D’scover is at an early stage of version Release. There might be issues. Please submit your feedback via the App regarding issues and suggestions for improvements.

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