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This list will be frequently updated whenever we received inputs from the Universities that have collaborated with Favoriot:

Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA Petaling Jaya (KKTM PJ)

  1. Smart Building and Utility Solutions Using IoT Middleware


  1. The Design of an IoT-based Smart Home Using FAVORIOT platform


Taylor’s University

  1. An IoT-based Air Conditioner Monitoring System
  2. IOT automatic plant watering system


University of Glasgow Singapore

  1. Smart IoT Waste Management
  2. IoT-based Smart Shower Device
  3. Security for Industry 4.0



  1. Go!AQUA – Smart Water Levelling System
  2. Development of IoT home base Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  3. Wireless Vibration Sensor
  4. Automatic Fire Alarm System
  5. IoT Remote Health Monitoring Vital Sign
  6. Monitoring Water Leakage System
  7. IoT Based Weather Station By Using Raspberry Pi 3
  8. Electronic Food Cover
  9. Water Level Monitoring System
  10. Smart Vase: Automation Gardening System Using Internet of Things (IoT)
  11. Home-Base Security System
  12. Metering water smart system with IOT
  13. Flood Monitoring & Detection System Using Internet of Things (IoT)
  14. IoT-based Heart Rhythm Monitoring
  15. Smart Bracelet for Elderly People: Fall Detection, GPS Tracker, and Medicine Reminder
  16. An Early Warning Elephant Intrusion System Integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) Platform



  1. IoT-Based Home Energy Management System
  2. IoT Based Smart Vehicle Monitoring And Analysis System
  3. IoT Based Office Monitoring And Automation System
  4. Intelligent Water-Saving Irrigation System In Wireless Sensor Network
  5. IoT In Courier Service (Route Tracking)
  6. A Study And Analysis Of Climate Impact On Stingless Bee (Trigona Itama) Through Internet Of Things (IoT) Application
  7. IoT Road Surveillance
  8. Wheel Balancing Robot For Edutainment
  9. Indoor Smart Parking System



  1. SMART2L System (Smart Water Level and Leakage Detection System)



  1. Wireless Diagnostic Tool and Data Analysis for Car
  2. Pocket Size Halal Sensor Based on Dielectric Spectroscopy
  3. Environmental Monitoring using Optical Sensor with IoT Adaptation
  4. Remote Optical Sensor for Ammonia Detection in Water
  5. Robust Vision-Based Human Detection in a Dynamically Varying Environment
  6. Optical Flow Tracking for Real-time Object Detection System
  7. Mosquito GO: Automated Mobile Crowdsourcing Platform for Dengue and Zika Hotspots Locator
  8. Indoor Smart Management System for Agriculture



  1. Temperature and vibration monitoring system for smart manufacturing application
  2. Smart Bin Waste Management System



  1. LPG Leakage Detection System Using IoT



  1. Web-based and Mobile App Surveillance System
  2. Snow And Rain monitoring using IoT, Home surveillance using IoT.


Karpagam College of Engineering, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

  1. Smart Wristband
  2. Library Management System


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From Novice to Expert (Generation-IoT)

Everything starts with a simple beginning of understanding what exactly is the Internet of Things. You need to learn IoT’s four (4) main components – Sensors, Connectivity, Middleware, and Applications.
Later, you will need to understand the “Why.” Why is it essential to embrace IoT in our daily lives or work? What are the applications that use IoT?
And finally, you will step into the main journey of IoT by understanding the “How.” This is where you need to learn hands-on and step-by-step how to build your IoT projects.
  1. IoT for Business Professionals (theoretical and workshop style) – great for building your IoT business
  2. IoT Fundamentals using Favoriot IoT Platform (hands-on) – connect and rapidly display data on a dashboard
  3. Advanced IoT using Favoriot IoT Platform (hands-on) – set up IoT gateway and build your custom-made web dashboard.
  4. IoT Specialist (hands-on) – go deeper into IoT analytics.

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About Favoriot

Favoriot is an IoT Startup company that began its operations in 2017 with the vision to “IoTise all businesses.” Favoriot offers a user-friendly IoT platform that has been used by more than 6800 developers from 121 countries worldwide. Favoriot also offers IoT training from Fundamental to Specialist to create a new “Generation-IoT” to fill the IR 4.0 talent gaps in the country. As a Malaysian-made technology, the Favoriot platform has now been used by the industry, government, and academia.
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